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Quality Management System (ATL-DOCPRO Light)

ATL-DOCPRO helps to maintain and keep track of your Quality Management System (QMS), ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, following up with people, and meeting deadlines.

Now days Implementing and maintaining a robust QMS is crucial rather mandatory for improving processes, increasing productivity, and ensuring compliance. However, it can become a daunting task without the right tools. That's where an Electronic Quality Management System (ATL-DOCPRO) comes in. An ATL-DOCPRO allows you to streamline

  • quality management processes,

  • simplify change management,

  • enhance communication,

  • and effortlessly meet regulatory obligations.

Here are some key advantages of implementing an ATL-DOCPRO

Centralized and Accessible Documentation

An ATL-DOCPRO software allows for centralized storage and management of quality-related documents, including policies, procedures, work instructions, and records. This ensures easy access and version control, and eliminates the need for manual paper-based systems.

Improved Document Control:

Enhanced Compliance:

Efficient Change Management:

Streamlined Training and Competency Management:

Real-time Monitoring and Reporting:

Increased Collaboration and Communication:

Risk Management and CAPA:

Scalability and Flexibility:

Overall, implementing ATL-DOCPRO software simplifies quality management processes, enhances compliance, increases efficiency, promotes collaboration, and enables organizations to focus on delivering high-quality products or services while continuously improving their QMS.


Introducing an ATL-DOCPRO software

Our highly customizable ATL-DOCPRO software will make your compliance a breeze. Developed in collaboration with a team with over a decade of experience in QMS implementation, auditing, and software development.
Seamless integration with DMS & LMS

It provides organizational wide seamless integration to CAPA-CC-DMS-LMS

User Friendly Interface to records data input
  • Forms input

  • Spreadsheet inputs

  • docs input

it handles various data inputs from users be it traditional forms input or AI based spreadsheet inputs or it can be smart document based input(like doc or docx). User can add data in suitable and favorable mode.

ATL - DOCPRO Standard features

  1. End to end tractability

    1. with e-signature and audit logs

  2. Access Anywhere and fit for any device

    1. Web based solution with Desktop – Laptop – Tablet – Mobile enabled screens

  3. Parent – child relationships

    1. Enables you to power on for end to end investigation traceability.

    2. example like with deviation document all its child documents like investigation report etc... can be printed along with..

    3. all supported documents can be printed as annexures

  4. Automated Alerts

    1. via email , text messages and WhatsApp

  5. Preconfigured as well self configured

    1. ZERO (No code self configuration) templates with process flow and role based access rights

    2. Absolut readymade preconfigured templates with process flow and role based access rights

Regulatory compliance

Audit trials
Digital / Electronic Signature
Access and Activity based Authentication
Alerts on audit (changes in entries)
Print Records management and reconciliations with printer preferences

3rd Party Integration
ATL - DOCPRO can be integrated with any other software using REST API.




ATL-LMS (Employee Training management)




ATL-CMMS (Plant Maintenance)


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