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Payroll Management Solution

Automated Payroll

Processing payroll Automatically means you are safe from unintentional mistakes that could prove very costly. Payroll software can automate both complex and simple tasks, empowering you to tackle payroll better. From getting payroll ready to closing out the pay period, a ATL payroll software keeps the process organized, easy, and efficient.

Keep Eyes on Payroll Expenses

For any business, payroll is always a recurring expense. As your business grows bigger, your payroll expenditure goes up, and you need complete visibility on one of the biggest contributors to your profit & loss statement month to month. ATL Payroll software can generate all these reports right from employee salary registers to their statutory, to their bonus payouts, allowing you to track expenses down to its last rupee.

Integration with relevant business apps

Payroll staff coordinate with multiple teams to get inputs for payroll processing every month. The process is complex and time bound, and with a growing business it is only going to become even more tough. Secure integrations allow you to access data from multiple teams in one place. ATL Payroll software closely integrated with HR and Accounting platforms helps you to bring three different but crucial departments under one roof.

User Portal

Employee will get the portal to book their traveling expenses as well all other expenses.

They can request the leaves too. Its very easy for employee to get the E-Salary slip.

Mob App

Employee can get the mob app for the user portal.


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