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Spreadsheet Management System(ATL-SPRDSHEET v1.00)

Comprehensive spreadsheet management platform

Introducing ATL-SPRDSHEET v1.0.0

ATL-SPRDSHEET provides companies with a server-based spreadsheet management system that secures the most current versions of their spreadsheets, maintaining control over access and file handling for any end-users of these files.

How does it work?

  1. User requests required spreadsheet which resides on the central or corporate network.

  2. ATL-SPRDSHEET software clones copy of “master” on the server and open a protected version to the user.

  3. User makes use of the spreadsheet.

  4. On Save, the spreadsheet data is extracted and saved in a central relational database.

  5. Other users may open either a “clean” version or select a previously saved instance from the database.

  6. During entire Operation spreadsheet is not downloaded nor saved on local computer or drive. User will use the spreadsheet online.

Our unique spreadsheet management system eliminates the chaos of multiple users saving multiple versions of a file.

ATL-SPRDSHEET also allows users to save their work into a central and shareable database, enabling analytics, collaboration and search-ability that is often impractical or impossible to be done with traditional folder-drive-naming convention based systems.

No version confusion

With ATL-SPRDSHEET, the “master” copy of any spreadsheet will be saved on a secure server, and users will always be guaranteed they are accessing the correct and most up-to-date version of the document.


The data you save in ATL-SPRDSHEET can be made available to any authorized users, allowing users to start with a spreadsheet which has been prepopulated with previously saved data from other collaboration team members.

Enhanced security

Unlike other spreadsheet management software, ATL-SPRDSHEET can be configured to not permit local saving of files. This makes it impossible to copy the spreadsheet, send it as an attachment to emails, or download it to a separate storage device.

Multi-user access

Since everyone gets either a clean copy of the spreadsheet, or one populated with data from a previous instance, users of ATL-SPRDSHEET won’t have to be concerned with being locked out of the file they’re using when someone else is accessing it.

Database functionality

Instead of saving your individual spreadsheets as “flat files”, ATL-SPRDSHEET can extract key information such as inputs and outputs, then places them into a central, relational database. This is a key feature of spreadsheet management, letting users conduct filtered searches, perform data analytics, and integrate information with business intelligence dashboarding software.

Rapid implementation and deployment

ATL-SPRDSHEET requires minimal preparation, letting you begin your spreadsheet management tasks for multiple files extremely easily and quickly.

Excel Audit Trail as per USFDA guideline

ATL-SPRDSHEET maintains a record of all versions of the spreadsheets that have been saved to your intranet or cloud, as well as recording who released each workbook and when. It also notes any cases of individual use, by application and user. Previously-completed cases can also be reopened as a starting point for new cases, if needed, and be tracked accordingly as part of the Excel audit trail. But since the actual spreadsheet is not being manipulated, the document will retain its integrity.

Access to these versions and their results is completely controlled, with all results automatically saved in a relational database, providing centralized data storage and an audit trail. This provides a greater capacity for searches, analytics, and reporting, without the need to aggregate spreadsheets or create special programs to do data analysis.


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