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ATL PMS 1.0.0

TechLAB-Pharma have extensive module of Preventive Maintenance Management

PMS enables organisation to

  • Asset Identification with Bar-code, QR code or RFID

  • Asset Tracing & Tracking

  • Asset Preventive Maintenance(PM) and Calibration scheduling

  • Preventive Maintenance Management

“TechLab-Pharma enables your assets with Bar-code , QR code and RFID identification.Hundred of options are available to identify your assets with bar-code, QR code or RFID.

Centralize asset information

A PMA, as part of EAM, tells maintenance managers

  • where an asset is,

  • what it needs,

  • who should work on it and when.

It automates critical asset management workflows and makes them accessible and auditable.

Resolve issues before they happen

Asset management software supports preventive capabilities to maintain equipment for stable, continuous operations.

It helps ensure warranty compliance and preempt issues that disrupt production.

Monitor assets smarter

AI-powered remote monitoring delivers actionable insight into current and expected states of assets.

  • It aggregates

  • data across departments and information silos,

  • allowing for fewer, more accurate alerts and enhanced decision-making.

Maximize asset utilization

Historical and real-time data analytical and diagnostic tools help extend

  • the availability,

  • reliability and usable life of physical assets.

Manage aging assets and infrastructure

Equipment life cycles are extended through more informed maintenance strategies and by embedding risk management into business processes to improve return on investment.

Following Calibration activities are covered

  • Help instrument maintenance supervisors create and store Preventive procedures and associate them with one or more devices that share procedures.

  • Control PM schedules, issuing work orders and alerts when a test is due.

  • Email scheduled and unscheduled actions based on deviations and approval alerts to designated personnel.

  • Download / Perform Check Points

  • Automate procedures to walk the technician through a PM step by step.

  • Record and upload as-left results when a PM is complete and upload or import data from the PM.

  • Generate documentation, such as PM Completion certificates (i.e., ISO 17025) and audit trails for electronic PM requirements; i.e., FDA 21 CFR Part 11, Electronic Records and Signatures.

  • Provide supervisory approval of uploaded data.

  • Provide database searches of instruments, vendors, loop diagram/tag relationships and records for each tag, arranged by work or control system zones.

  • Compare Pm data across multiple PM.

  • Offer synchronization of laptops used independently of the network.

  • Interface to higher-level instrument management.

  • software, automation systems plant asset maintenance (PAM) applications, site-wide computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) or enterprise asset management (EAM).

Multi device Support

Techlab-Pharma can be operated from mobile devices, handheld devices and laptop or tablet. Our mobiles app have inbuilt bar-code-QR code and RFID reading capabilities.

  • Tablet

  • Handheld device (All major brands brand devices are supported)

  • Laptop

  • Mobile devices or phones


Techlab-Pharma can be integrated with SAP or EAM modules of popular business suit.


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