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Enterprise Resource Planning (ATL-ERP)

Enterprise Resource & Planning Platform with Barcode - QR-code & RFID enabled warehouse operations.

ATL-ERP can be operated through any suitable devices and it is enabled by Mobile Applications.


  • ​Inquiries management

  • Sales goals management

  • Sales order bookings

Order Booking & Analysis

  • Sales Order Analysis in terms of commercial and Technical.

  • Generate Internal Sales Order from the customer sales order

Procurement & Purchase

  • ​Cost Analysis.

  • Indent & Vendor Purchase Orders management

  • Timely Procurement planning.


  • ​Purchase Planning

  • Production Planning


  • Raw Material Sampling, Analysis & COA

  • Finished & Semi Finished Sampling, Analysis & COA

  • Production Stage wise sampling, Analysis & COA

  • Return Material Sampling, Analysis & COA


  • SFG Production

  • FG Production

Dispatch & Deliveries

  • ​PI / PO or product wise Dispatch management

MIS & Reports

  • All sight full reports and analytics of the business.

Warehouse Management


  • Quarantine Label Printing

  • Warehouse Floor Plan & Location Planning

  • Pickup – Dispense Material as per Production Planning

  • Barcode Enabled

Inventory Management

  • ​BOM based inventory management

  • Just in time inventory management

  • ATL -ERP can be integrated with any 3rd party software through REST API

  • ATL-ERP is integrated with any software of TechLAB Brand.

  • Pharmaceutical API manufacturing

  • Pharmaceutical Formulation Manufacturing

  • Engineering & Metal Production

  • FMCG Manufacturing

  • Electronics Devices Manufacturing

  • Electric Vehicle Manufacturing


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