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ATL-Elogbook 1.0.0

ATL Elogbook 1.0.0 is ideal solution digitize your manual registers.


ATL E-Logbook (eLogBook) is a quick to configure, standalone product that replaces paper log books or custom solutions resulting in a substantial increase in productivity and information sharing throughout the plant or process areas.

The eLogBook Web user interface allows non-

automated events and process data to be manually entered as eLogBook ‘logs’, allowing easy access to relevant people and departments.

Once an event is logged, supervisors can view entries and issue instructions or enter comments to a log to assist problem resolution.

Follow-up actions can be tracked to completion, giving managers the assurance that instructions or corrective activities are not overlooked.

eLogBook provides a report for supervisors and

managers to view log statistics, user activity and data analysis over a user selected date and time range.Custom reports can also be created to address specific users’ requirements.

Since all eLogBook information is centralized, statutory health and safety requirements for the traceability of actions before, during and after incidents can be satisfied.

eLogBook is an appropriate way to increase the

awareness of what is happening in the plant, improving communication between all departments while providing a consistent method of operation.


eLog Book benefits includes:

• Improved shift and department communications

• Enhanced incident analysis

• Superior follow-up action tracking

• Faster decision-making

• Powerful query capabilities and analysis reports

• Relevant users made aware of events rapidly via the

eLogBook automatic annunciation system

• Directed follow-up management

• Identify often failing equipment

• Full audit trail of all entries and adjustments


eLog Book feaures includes:

• Records non-automated events and process data

• Supervisor instructions

• Fixed filters provided for Subject, Effect, Priority Department, User and Comments

• Configurable e-logbook formats

• Generate e-mails, SMS and mobile-phone alerts

• Custom reports

• User group definition and permissions management

• Able to insert events generated from external sources

• Web client interface is foreign language configurable

• Simple to use

• Minimal training


eLogBook provides the electronic equivalent of a paper-based logbook to record plant events and issue instructions.

An event is a significant occurrence that results in an operator creating an eLogBook Log, i.e. an event is logged into eLogBook by an operator.

An eLogBook instruction log can be created or added to an existing log to assist with problem resolution.

Logs can be retrieved, filtered and sorted so that only logs of interest are displayed.


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