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Computerize Maintenance Management Solution (ATL CMMS V1.0.0)

Tech-CMMS Computerize Maintenance management solution.

  • Asset management

  • Asset Preventive Maintenance management

  • Asset Calibration management

  • Breakdown Management

  • E-logbook

  • Electronic Data Archival

  • Asset Documents Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Safety Permission Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Injury Management

Asset Life-Cycle Management

Asset Life-cycle Management is basically targeted to lineup all assets with its full details along with managing its PM, CBM & JH management. The process starts with adding and reviewing asset with its all details like plant, department, location, manuals, support docs, emergency contact etc.

Asset Movement

Get the track and trace of any equipment or instrument from ​

  • Plant to Plant movement

  • Plant to Warehouse movement

  • Department to Department movement

  • Person to Person movement

  • Plant to Vendor movement

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is maintenance that is regularly performed on a piece of equipment in working condition to prevent unplanned failure or breakdown maintenance. Preventive maintenance is a cornerstone of increased asset reliability, reduced downtime, and maximized resources.


Ensure all your instruments calibration on time without fail. Get the row data of calibration and ensure that set methods are followed while calibrating instruments.

Breakdown Management

Have complete track of your breakdown events with corrective actions taken, preventive actions taken and complete why why analysis to avoid frequent breakdown events.

Inventory Management

Take the full control of the store. Helping you to get right part at right time at right place and at right price. ​

  • Chemical Management

  • Column Management

  • Standard Management

  • Spare parts Management

  • etc...


ATL E-Logbook (eLogBook) is a quick to configure, that replaces paper log books resulting in a substantial increase in productivity and information sharing throughout the plant or process areas. The elogbook Web user interface allows non-automated events and process data to be manually entered as e Logbook ‘logs’, allowing easy access to relevant people and departments.

Data Historian

Collect and analyze and monitor all digital data of your instruments and equipment. Smart AI module helps in predictive maintenance and condition-based maintenance.

CMMS enables organization for

  • Asset Identification with Bar-code, QR code or RFID

  • Asset Tracing & Tracking

  • Asset Preventive Maintenance (PM) and Calibration scheduling

  • Preventive Maintenance Management

  • Calibration Management

  • Breakdown Management

  • E-Logbook

  • Maintenance Inventory management

  • Human resource consumption & analysis during maintenance activity

  • Injury management during maintenance activity

“TechLab-Pharma" enables your assets with Bar-code, QR code and RFID identification. Hundreds of options are available to identify your assets with bar-code, QR code or RFID.

Centralize asset information.

A CMMS, as part of EAM, tells maintenance managers.

  • where an asset is,

  • what it needs,

  • who should work on it and when.

It automates critical asset management workflows and makes them accessible and auditable.

Resolve issues before they happen.

Asset management software supports preventive capabilities to maintain equipment for stable, continuous operations.

It helps ensure warranty compliance and preempt issues that disrupt production.

Monitor assets smarter.

AI-powered remote monitoring delivers actionable insight into current and expected states of assets.

It aggregates.

  • data across departments and information silos,

  • allowing for fewer, more accurate alerts and

  • enhanced decision-making.

Maximize asset utilization.

Historical and real-time data analytical and diagnostic tools help extend.

  • the availability,

  • reliability and usable life of physical assets.

Manage aging assets and infrastructure.

Equipment life cycles are extended through more informed maintenance strategies and by embedding risk management into business processes to improve return on investment.

Elevate maintenance management.

IoT, AI and analytics enhance equipment maintenance practices.

Asset tracking and traceability meet increasingly complex environmental, health and safety requirements.

Consolidate operational applications.

EAM helps establish a single technology system to manage virtually all asset types.

Processes are unified and standardized for wide-ranging asset functions across an enterprise.

TechLAB-Pharma provides consultancy to select identification method.

Multi device Support

Techlab-Pharma can be operated from mobile devices, handheld devices and laptop or tablet. Our mobiles app have inbuilt bar-code-QR code and RFID reading capabilities.

  • Tablet

  • Handheld device (All major brands brand devices are supported)

  • Laptop

  • Mobile devices or phones


Techlab-Pharma can be integrated with SAP or EAM modules of popular business suit.


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