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ATL-Artwork 1.0

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

TechLab’s Artwork Comparison Solution – a critical component of the TechLAB- Pharma solution.

Specifically designed keeping in mind the stringent rules and regulations that all the stake-holders in the Pharmaceutical Industry have to adhere to.
  • Artwork Version to Version Comparison

  • Version to Batch Scan Comparison

  • CFR 21 part 11 compliant module.

Why is the artwork solution crucial?
  • The Pharmaceutical Industry operates in a highly regulated environment where compliance to pre-decided and well defined standard operating procedures is of utmost importance.

  • It deals with sensitive drugs which affect the health of millions of people worldwide. Naturally, all aspects of the production to packaging to selling of the products need to conform to exacting standards.

  • This necessitates specialized artwork comparison solution that cab handle and ensure the accuracy of printed artwork upon the products.

Why does ATL’s artwork solution stand out?
  • Content Comparison

  • Color Comparison

  • Braille Comparison

  • Bar-code / QR-Code Comparison

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